Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Busy Weekend...

Oh where did this weekend go? Saturday, I went with my friend Dodie to another wool class and made a crow to hold my needles. Spent the morning inside with a great group of stitchers while it stormed outside. The forecast said some parts of north Florida got two weeks of rain in one morning. We sure do need it....just not all at once!

I spent Sunday riding with my hubby down to Satsuma to visit my son and to see the house we will be co-renting on the St. Johns river with him. He will be living in it...we will be visiting often for a little rest and relaxation.
I also wanted to share a ballerina bunny I worked on over spring break. This was a pattern from an old magazine that I came across when looking for patterns for next year's show. Her body is made out of flannel and I'm not sure if I'm crazy about it. Working on another one with the body made out of plush felt. I'll post when she is done...hope to put them on my Etsy site when I'm satisfied with how they look. I didn't get to finish them spring break as I picked up some "bug" and was sick most of the break. Now I'm back to work with a short cards...personal evaluation to schedule...and FCAT looming.

I hope everyone has a wonderful off to finish watching "The Killing" and do some hand stitching on my baby pin ornaments. Until next time...Darlene xxoo


  1. I think your ballerina is adorable! I hear you on the FCATS. This is all pretty new to us and my son is a nervous wreck :( Hope your feeling better!

  2. Darlene, Can you put your ballerina bunny up for sale on Etsy? Can I get you to make me some others? Let me know via my Etsy shop Flowering Angel... LOL Cynthia