Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Mom's 86th Birthday!

This past weekend my mom celebrated her 86th birthday with my family at my son's home in Satsuma. I drove down with a carload...mom, dad and the girls (dogs) on Thursday night so my dad could get in a little fishing. He caught a cooler full so he was happy! My mom was thrilled when we sang to her....she actually giggled out loud! I can only hope to live as long and as full a life as they have (94 & 86 years). Of course, it rained...another tropical storm. My son is beginning to think we are a jinx...he says it rains every weekend he is off and when the whole family comes...we bring a tropical storm!

Now I'm back home and ready to begin working (sewing & painting) again. Before I left for the big birthday weekend, I finished the teacher appreciation basket. I think it turnrd out cute so I will make some more for the show in November. I finished sewing some doll and animal bodies and need to get busy stuffing and dressing. Here's the basket...

I'm going to fill with Hershey kisses for a sweet treat...who can resist! Well enough for now...off to work!

-Darlene xxoo


  1. Looks like a great birthday! I am so ready for the rain to be gone, I think we got around 12 inches or more here. Happy sewing!!!!

  2. Hey, I am planning a crafters/flea market for the our Friends of Library group for Sept. 15th, would you be interested in participating. This is our first one, we had 12 inside spots and everything else is outside, Some of the outside craft spaces will be covered. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks,Cyndy