Saturday, February 25, 2012

Beginning of a Sad Day...Brightened!

When I woke up this morning, my thoughts were on my beloved brother Jesse "Raye." Today is the one year anniversary of his passing to a better place. I miss seeing his handsome face and hearing his beautiful voice. Although, he was 9 years older than myself he "got me." We could talk about anything with neither of us judging the other. Even though we were apart for 20 years, when we reconnected in the late 90's it was as if we were never separated. Rest in peace brother until we are together once again!

To cheer me up one of my "besties" talked me into going to a wool class at a local quilt shop (Cinnamon's). We had a blast learning stuff about stitching with wool and even made a "Wooly Jar." We had lunch together and laughed and I will have to admit I even teared up at times. It was great getting to spend the day with her as we don't get to visit together as often as we would like. She lives in Gainesville, FL and we have decided we will have to make the time to see each never know when that time will be gone. Thanks to my "bestie" really brightened up my day!

Darlene xxoo

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  1. It was wonderful having both of you in my class! I can't wait until we all get together again in March. It seems so long away doesn't it? LOVE YOUR JAR!!!