Monday, February 20, 2012

Fallen Hero

Such a sad day here in Clay County Florida. We have lost a hero in our community, Detective David White, from the Clay County Sheriff's Office. He was the first officer killed in 99 years in the line of duty in our county and was laid to rest today. Last week his team tried to gain entry into a suspected meth house and was fatally shot and his partner wounded. This really hits home as my son is a deputy with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office in Palatka, FL. I try really hard not to take for granted every minute I get to spend with him and never part without each saying "I Love You." Please pray for his family...parents, wife, daughter (4years) and son (5 months) in the difficult days they have endured and are yet to come. To all those in law careful & come home safely to your loved ones. To Detective White...godspeed...heaven needed another hero.

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  1. oh is a very sad news..i am feeling so sad to hear about this sad news..
    lots of hugs for you all
    cucki xx