Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Well it's about time...

I got back to blogging! Sorry for being away for so long....but major changes have come about for me. I was just enjoying my summer one day and the next day SURPRISE I was moved from teaching first grade to kindergarten. Now it's not like I haven't taught kindergarten before...but it has been ten years. I also had to move 34 years worth of stuff to my new classroom along with cleaning up a mess in my new room. I found stuff in there from as far back as the 50's. A lot of my stuff was already packed because we were having summer school, however, I had not packed to move. Then I was told I only had 1 week to move and unpack before preplanning. Well I got all moved in with a little help from some dear friends...still have boxes to unpack...and oh yeah...I can't find anything! I have been in school for 8 days now and I must say...I am too old for this...they are wearing me out! I have been blessed with 17 young kinders to nurture and they are busy little bees. I have been praying for strength and stamina to keep up with them!

As you can see from the photos below, I had lots of things on the drawing board in different stages of completion before my daily life changed. I am so tired when I get home that I haven't even stepped foot into my studio much less pick up a needle or paintbrush. I'm hoping to get back to work this weekend since I have 3 glorious days off. I'll keep you posted on progress...

-Darlene xxoo


  1. Hey, Darlene. I, too, am looking forward to that 3 day weekend. I see micro Annies in your pile. I took today off to sew, I am so behind, don't have near enough made for the Moultrie show, I imagine you're the same with your shows. This year has flown. Take care, Cyndy

  2. Hi Darlene,
    Reading your post made me tired and it is only 8am here.
    Good luck on the organization of your classroom and keeping up with the little ones.
    It is so backwards--they have all the energy and when you need it the most you have zero!
    Enjoy your 3 days off!