Thursday, October 4, 2012

September was quite a month...

Thank goodness September has come and gone. Too much drama at my house! In my last post, I had great intentions to get busy again and even posted pics of projects on the table. Well...that didn't happen. The week after Labor Day I came down with sinus trouble and even though I continued to work...I thought I was going to die. On a good day, I deal with kindergarteners who wear me out but WOW try doing it when you are sick. Then if that wasn't 94 year old father calls me the next weekend and says there is something wrong with my 86 year old mother. I ask if he has called 911 and he tells me he wants me to come there and talk with him first. I live about 15-20 minutes away so needless to say I broke the speed limit and maybe the sound barrier getting there to find her in bed, very confused, crying, and telling me she couldn't hear me. I called 911 and she was admitted that night in the hospital. After many tests, she was diagnosed with an infection and she had suffered a seizure. Four days later she was released and ended up spending the next weekend at my home. I told my dad I needed rest and I needed to keep my eyes on both of them. Good news...she is getting stronger every day but continues to be on the seizure meds. Dealing with my mom and dad is often like dealing with 5 year olds...don't they say as we age we revert back to being children again? I love them dearly and am lucky to still have them after all these years. Well after that crisis oldest son's dog "Bear" has been diagnosed with cancer and has been given 6 months to a year to live. He is dealing with it better than I am. We have Bear's two sisters living with us and have been told that this type of cancer can run in the family. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't develop in them.

Here is Bear in his daddy's truck...

Well enough about all the drama...just had to unload and let you know where I have been!

I did have a special order to fill for a great customer named Gloria from New York. She seems to have fallen in love with the Micro Mini Annies and had ordered 6 more. So 6 of those "naked" bodies in my last post photo transformed into....

I think they turned out so cute and hope she loves them! Now to only tackle the rest of the projects on the old drawing board. Hope to finish some of them soon and I'll post to show my progress. The "Christmas in the South" show is fast approaching and I sure want a full booth. Guess I better get off this computer and get busy....
-Darlene xxoo


  1. Oh Darlene,
    You poor thing. You have had too much on your plate lately. Hope you are feeling better and good to hear your mother is on the mend.
    My parents sound just like yours. I guess it is true...the regression.
    Prayers for healing. Sorry to hear about Bear. that is never easy either.
    Love your sweet dollies!

  2. OMGOsh sure have had more than your share! I can are ALL in my prayers too!
    P.S.The dollies are SO CUTE!

  3. Hope things are getting better, parents, you.
    Sorry to hear about the furry one too!!!
    Love those dolls!!!
    Lots of prayers being said!!