Sunday, October 14, 2012

Finally...Busy Again!

Things are finally beginning to calm down in my household so....busy again on what I love to do.  Show is just around the corner so I have been working all day on ornaments. I have finished the Santa snowmen and are beginning on some orange and blue (Go Gators!).

I am also working on some cute little bunnies, bears and raggedies that I am turning into ornaments for the show. I'll post when they get done!

Mom Update: Saw her Thursday and she looks so much better! She is up and around and has even started working on her plastic canvas ornaments again. I sell them for her in the show. She got her new hearing aids (digital) and they are working great for more yelling at her. She can even talk on the phone with me again without having to read the closed caption.

Well back to the room...ornaments await...need to work until nine when I can take another break for "The Walking Dead" season to begin!

-Darlene xxoo

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